Covet is a new style of chocolatier based in Dubai. Using an artisanal ‘bean to bar’ method, Covet meticulously sources the finest organically grown cocoa beans from around the world to deliver premium-quality chocolate to a discerning customer base. The company’s production process is nothing short of remarkable. To perfect the flavour and texture of the chocolate, Covet’s cocoa beans are handpicked, roasted, cracked, sorted, winnowed, ground, conched, tempered and finally wrapped with care and artistry.​​​​​​​
Covet’s branding and packaging reflects the company’s organic, natural philosophy while emphasising the concepts of craftsmanship and small-batch goods made by hand. The illustration on the front cover depicts chocolate-making as an art form. While detailed and refined, it is also minimalist and striking in a way that aligns with the company’s purist vision and request for a luxury look and feel. The use of coloured pencil mirrors the company’s commitment to use organic ingredients sourced from nature. An illustration of a bird passing an organically grown cocoa bean is subtly incorporated to introduce an animalistic element together with a poem in the form of a letter engraved as the backdrop intended to be read by any observant customers. It is no coincidence that the material used for the outer package is recyclable paper stock which echoes the brand’s natural approach. ​​​​​​​
What sets the packaging design apart from other bean-to-bar chocolate brands is that customers have the ability to personalise the illustration (the armchair at the front) using the 18 unique pattern stickers supplied in each package. This part of the packaging can be torn off and repurposed as a coaster or bookmark. Through this unique design feature, Covet’s intention is to create a more sustainable, less disposable approach to packaging and raise brand awareness through product differentiation. The idea behind this is that Covet customers can keep part of the packaging as a functional tool instead of throwing it away (which is what happens with most other chocolate brands).​​​​​​​
While the illustration is simple and pure, it nonetheless communicates a background story and encourages customers to think twice and ask questions: ‘Who is the man sitting in the armchair, is he a traveller, chocolate connoisseur or chocolatier?’ ‘What’s his story?’ ‘Is the bird his pet or a carrier who brings the best ingredients from around the world?’ Answers may be revealed when you have the first bite of the Covet chocolate. ​​​​​​​

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